Locatore is Chicago-based with roots in real estate and analytics. Our core mission is to help medium and small businesses embrace change and explore opportunities in the digital age.

The American business landscape has undergone a sea change in recent years. The decades’ long digital revolution has separated early adopters from the laggards. The COVID related shutdown has further driven online commerce and also illustrated that the leaders of the future will be human, mission-driven and people-centric organizations who are genuine in their thoughts, feelings and inclusivity.

As the U.S. emerges from the pandemic, we believe that the future will also belong to those small businesses who can adopt their style of operation to suit digital experiences. The downward spiral of technology price means that adoption gets easier as long as the right choices are made, and the right legacies are promoted.

We will bring our vast real estate, analytics, and digital experience to usher in accessible solutions that improve the decisioning of real estate buyers, investors and agents.