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Ending unwanted gifts once and for all

Gerard Panganiban is a swiss-army-knife entrepreneur who is simplifying the gift-giving process using Artificial Intelligence

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Ending unwanted gifts once and for all

Ending unwanted gifts once and for all

Gerard Panganiban is a swiss-army-knife entrepreneur who is simplifying the gift-giving process using Artificial Intelligence

If you’re like Gerard, you struggle to remember a thoughtful gift for an event with all of the packaging bells and whistles. Solving this problem became his focus for a project in a course during his masters in human-computer interaction at Depaul University. His background as a programmer and designer made it simple for him to build a site to serve as a proof of concept.

Accidental Product, Market, Fit

He unintentionally kept the site active after the class ended and was surprised to see that it gained substantial traction. The site then helped him get into a cohort for a start-up program that helps entrepreneurs build their companies. This is when he decided on the name for his company, Giftinity. 

Founders typically endure a rollercoaster of emotions and hardship while starting their companies, and his experience was no different. Undertaking all of the work as a one-man band to start had him coding, designing, marketing, and running social media. He realized he was quickly losing sleep and mental acuity, which he knew he had to change if he was going to continue. 

Building Giftinity’s Customer Experience and AI

What keeps him going now, in addition to a small team to help offload the burden, is the launch of the AI-driven platform he envisions to be the core of Giftinity’s operations.

The process is simple and follows these steps: enter the gift recipient’s email, the program collects existing online data associated with the person, allowing for an algorithm to then recommend a small list of ideal gifts for the recipient. The giver will then choose three options from the list provided by the app, which will be sent to the recipient. The recipient will then claim the gift of their choice, which will then be purchased and sent to them. That’s it!

Finding Entrepreneurship from the UAE to the USA

Although Gerard is fully invested in his entrepreneurial endeavors now, this wasn’t part of his original plan. He had a corporate career in the United Arab Emirates before coming to Chicago. During this career in the UAE, he saw many similarities between himself and his bosses, which led him to connect with them to build his entrepreneurial skill set. Upon arriving in the US, he was inspired by the simplicity in starting a business here compared to the UAE, and he hasn’t looked back.   

We appreciated Gerard’s drive and passion, so we asked for his advice for anyone on the edge of starting a new idea, and here’s his response:

“Things will prosper and grow. Water yourself constantly, and everyone will enjoy the fruits of your labor when you’ve sprouted.” 

Gerard is currently running Giftinity’s operations out of a co-working space in Skokie, Illinois. Before Giftinity, he also launched and still maintains his own web development and design agency called Graphyte Technologies. Having this company is a symbiotic relationship because he gets to use it as a springboard for building and testing new ideas, which is partially how Giftinity came to be.

Check out Gerard’s Creations 

The link for Giftinity’s beta is below, as well as traditional e-commerce gift-giving options and inspiration. Additionally, if your company or project needs design and web development assistance, feel free to reach out using the information below for Graphyte Technologies.


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