Building customized real Estate Products Using Cutting-Edge Analytical & Digital Expertise

unravel has a Simple and Pragmatic Approach

Step 0. Introductory Call(s)


  • An introduction to Unravel and your company’s information and digital needs
  • An alignment on specific real estate informational needs


Step 1. Business Discovery

Understand the problems in your business that you’d like to solve using data


  • Collate background information, facts, and goals 
  • Utilize interviews and workshops to brainstorm solutions with our experts
  • We will analyze the information and include industry research to suggest a path forward


  • An insightful summary of static and dynamic reports that support your real estate informational needs

Step 2. Develop Suite of Analytics-Driven Outputs

Build aligned reports for you to best serve your customers/ stakeholders


  • Have regular check-ins to update progress
  • Perform review sessions to incorporate your feedback 



  • Initial information reports as agreed upon
  • A roadmap for further data analysis and customizable reports based on future, critical stakeholder needs

Step 3. [As Needed] Analytics Delivery & Marketing Support

Enhance access and improve the distribution of your new data assets


  • Utilize interviews and workshops to define the scope and align on logistics
  • Implement the plan of action
  • Solicit and incorporate your feedback 



  • A fully customized analytics solution with marketing support to increase adoption and usability


Let’s Create Your Future